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Typepad maintenance

FYI, Typepad appears to be in a recurring maintenance cycle. Right now work appears to be intermittent. However, your access to the blog may be affected. Be patient, and feel free to contact me if lack of access becomes a barrier to completing your comments.

Remember, you track the status of Typepad at and on Twitter.

Happy ending?

In the Learning Assessments this week a number of students had questions about the ending of Eternal Sunshine, like: Is it a happy ending? Should it be happy ending? What do the final shots mean in terms of what we see Joel and Clementine doing and where they are doing it? What do the jump cuts (editing) mean?

Representing memory (loss)

An interesting question about Eternal Sunshine from the Learning Assessments is whether there is any significance to how the erasure or degradation of memories is shown. For example, erasure is signified in some scenes by people and objects disappearing, while in others the lights go out, and in others the setting simply dissolves, or soft focus is used to show the degradation. What do these different choices mean? Why not be visually consistent?

Basic film information

One reason why I provide the links to IMDB and Wikipedia for the films we are screening is so that you can have ready references for basic information about the films, like character and actor names. Please use these references when writing about the films. There's no reason to rely on memory or even notes when this information is easily accessible.